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Serious Chocolate: Easy Chocolate Pie Crust

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20091111-pieman.jpgI'm one of those people who always bought pie crusts at the store. Why spend all that time on the crust, I thought, when pies were all about the filling? The pie is called a peach pie, after all—not a graham cracker crust pie, with peach.

That was until I tasted (and tested) a few chocolate pie crusts. The crust alone becomes reason enough to eat the pie and blends seamlessly with the innards, making a cohesive treat you can serve at Thanksgiving (or you know, tonight.) Without further ado, the easiest chocolate crust recipe you will ever encounter.

Chocolate Pie Crust

About the author: Melody Kramer is a chocoholic living in Philadelphia. She writes for a variety of publications in order to fuel her sweet tooth.

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