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A few week's back we shared Mark Peel's recipe for Mashed Potatoes, Finally Revealed, a cream and butter-laden preparation that is the key to the smoothest restaurant caliber mashed potatoes. It turned out to be one of the the most popular Thanksgiving posts of all time here on Serious Eats.

This week we are back to the mash with a homier version from Good Eats: The Early Years by Alton Brown. These Mashers are considerably less rich and much more rustic than Peel's version. In place of a pound and a half of butter and two passes through a strainer, these potatoes gain their texture from the joined forces of two varieties of spuds. Waxy red potatoes are mashed together with starchy russets for a mash that is much more robust. These potatoes are meant to be chunky so there is no need dwell on a few lumps and run the risk of gluey mess. These chunky, lumpy mashed potatoes are a gravy enthusiast's dream come true; they'll hold their own with however much gravy you decide to ladle on.

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