See Ya Turkey, Hello Cookies

See Ya Turkey, Hello Cookies

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It's officially cookie-baking season. We're so pro-cookies we decided to make December a cookiesplosion of a month—we're bringing you at least one cookie recipe a day. Pretty glorious, huh? Though it's still November, we were a little anxious so we kicked things off today with meringues and one of the biggest classics of all, sugar cookies.

What exactly defines a "classic" holiday cookie? Eh, does it really matter if it involves butter, sugar, and some flour? (Sprinkles get points too.) Sure there are some iconic favorites: gingerbread men and womenfolk, snowballs, linzers, shortbread, date squares (is a square technically a cookie?), jam thumbprints, anything shaped like a pine tree with some frosting. No offense pie, but the cookies deserve some love right now. Here are some favorite recipes:

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