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Cakespy: Tri-Color Candy Corn Cookies

A form of candy corn that even candy corn haters might enjoy.

[Photographs: Jessie Oleson]

I tend to think of candy corn in the same way I think of other seasonal treats like Necco wafers and jelly beans. They're instantly recognizable and lovely to display, but not so delicious to eat.

But is it possible to create a version of candy corn that maintains the iconic look while still tasting delicious? (Note: I am mostly asking the candy corn haters.) Yes, by combining it with another famous triple-hued treat, the tri-color cookie. These white, yellow, and orange tri-color cookies take the best of both worlds, with the cakey, almond-kissed and chocolate-coated taste of a confection found in Italian bakeries, but the unmistakable look of candy corn. Kind of like a trick and a treat, all at once.


Tri-Color Candy Corn Cookies

About the author: Jessie Oleson, aka Cakespy, is a Seattle-based baker and artist extraordinaire who drops by every Monday to share a delicious dessert recipe.

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