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Dinner Tonight: Sweet Potato and Kimchi Pancakes

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

I initially picked out this recipe because it looked awfully similar to Korean scallion pancakes, a dish I've made a few times before. This recipe from Gourmet added some sweet potato and a little kimchi, which I figured would perk up the dish a bit—but I wasn't expecting this.

They taste less like traditional Korean scallion pancakes and more like hash browns with serious attitude. The flour in the mix helps protect the sweet potatoes from the intense heat so they come out golden brown and crisp, instead of burned and black.

That intense flavor comes from the overload of kimchi, scallion, and serrano. (I'm surprised it all fit.) They make sure each bite is packed full of flavor and layered with spice. The dipping sauce, which is acidic and slightly sweet, provides a slight relief. I'm not sure if the pancakes are meant as a side dish or what, but they're addictive either way.

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