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Cook the Book: Squid Hot Pot (Ishiri Nabe)

[Photographs: Tam Ngo]

This week's Cook the Book recipes represent the ongoing research of the Japanese Hot Pots project—undertaken by Matsuri chef Tadashi Ono and journalist of all things Japanese Harris Salat.

Last Christmas, I had the pleasure of testing three hot pot recipes from the book. The soups were a great foil to the sleet outside and a nourishing way to entertain our guests, to boot!

The Squid Hot Pot is a specialty of the Noto Peninsula. The peninsula's rural coasts jut into the Sea of Japan and bear the brunt of the sea's savage storms. Along these rugged bluffs, the area is scattered with squid fishing villages. Noto is particularly known for its ishiri sauce, made with the intestines of the Ma-ika squid. Salty and made pungent by extensive periods of fermentation, it's the squid and the sauce that give this hot pot its flavor.

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