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Serious Chocolate: Rice Krispie Spider Treats

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I'm a big fan of Halloween, in part because it's the one holiday where decorating chocolate treats with fake bugs is socially acceptable. (Just try making gummy worm brownies for Thanksgiving and you'll see what I mean.)

This Halloween, all of my treats are based on one of my favorite bugs: the spider. I've liked spiders ever since reading Charlotte's Web, and even more so after making these Rice Krispies spider treats for my cousin Carly's first grade class.

The Rice Krispies give the spider treats a nice crunch (a must for Halloween) and the black licorice legs can be savored eight times over—but the best part is that anyone in elementary school can help make and decorate these easy chocolate arthropods. If you're still looking for a recipe to bake for a classroom or party this week, check these out.

Rice Krispie Spider Treats

Adapted from Kellogg's.

About the author: Melody Kramer is a chocoholic living in Philadelphia. She writes for a variety of publications in order to fuel her sweet tooth.

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