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Cook the Book: Migas

This migas (with potatoes, beans, and tortillas) is actually from Mi Madre's in Austin. [Flickr: Mr. Wright]

There are so many good things about Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman: wonderful recipes, beautiful photographs her family and ranch, sweet and funny anecdotes about country living. But what really sets her blog apart are the amazing step-by-step photos accompanying the recipes. Even the most concisely written recipes can leave the best cooks scratching their heads, but adding pictures is truly worth a thousand words. Chances are if it looks like the visuals (or close enough), it's probably right.

Every recipe that we are sharing with you this week from The Pioneer Woman Cooks has been lovingly tested and photographed by Drummond, and this hearty Tex-Mex breakfast classic, Migas is no exception.

Every step—from the chopping of the vegetables, to the frying of the tortillas, and final plating of the eggs—is broken down and documented. This visual method of writing and illustrating recipes works equally well for relatively simple dishes, such as this one. What could be better than a stunning portrait of the finished product? Well, multiple stunning portraits of the dish from beginning to end!

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of The Pioneer Woman Cooks to give away this week.

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