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Serious Chocolate: Brazilian Brigadeiros

Note: Please give a warm welcome to Melody Kramer, who will drop in every week with a sweet ode to chocolate. She kicks things off with a recipe for brigadeiros. Take it away, Melody!

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The 2016 Olympics are only seven years away—thankfully, you still have plenty of time to perfect one of Brazil's most delectable treats, the brigadeiro.

The brigadeiro is a chocolate truffle-like candy named after Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, a Brazilian air force leader who ran for president several times during the 1940s. During his campaign, Brazilian women raised money for Gomes by selling sweet chocolate balls made with condensed milk, calling them brigadeiros for short.

Though Gomes lost the election, the treat remains a staple at Brazilian birthday parties and is one of the easiest to make. They're also incredibly rich and can be eaten straight up, or used as a topping on other pastries.

About the author: Melody Kramer is a chocoholic living in Philadelphia. She writes for a variety of publications in order to fuel her sweet tooth.

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