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Pascal Rigo's Blue Cheese, Pear, and Pecan Quiche

[Photographs: Tam Ngo]

As crunchy, autumn pears make a star appearance at the markets, what better way to celebrate their arrival than with a sophisticated French-style quiche? This Blue Cheese, Pear, and Pecan Quiche, adapted from The American Boulangerie by Pascal Rigo is one of my favorite ways to indulge in the season. Cooking from the book is almost as cheering as being able to breathe deep butter-breaths from Rigo's Boulangerie in San Francisco on Fillmore and Pine.

Blue cheese and pears sound like unlikely friends, but the funk, salt, and sweetness are wonderful complements. Be sure to use the most ripened pears you can find. The pears' sugar and fragrance are what moderate the cheese tang.

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