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Bill Telepan's Squash Spaetzle with Maple Glaze

Squash spaetzle squiggles. [Photographs: Erin Zimmer]

I had no idea how easy it was to make spaetzle. It sounds like something a hunched-over grandma would slave over all day. Plus, anything in the pasta or dumpling family can seem intimidating—all that rolling and shaping, especially when somebody else is probably making a perfectly fine version for pretty cheap. But at the New York Culinary Experience recently, chef Bill Telepan proved that spaetzle is a cinch.


And for an extra autumnal kick, it's even better topped with a maple glaze and bacon-squash-apple mixture. You don't need special equipment—just a colander and a giant pot. The bigger the colander's holes, the bigger the spaetzle squiggles will be. Another perk after making this, you get to say: "I just made spaetzle from scratch, no big deal."


Bill Telepan and a very big colander.

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