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Cook the Book: Baby Artichokes, Sicilian Style

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Eating seasonally and locally wasn't a completely alien concept to me when I first arrived in Sicily but my first few trips to the local market drove home this concept immensely. In the tiny town where I lived, out-of-season specialty produce wasn't flown in from all corners of the world—locally raised fruits and vegetables were the only option.

When it was time for artichokes, we incorporated them into every meal. These weren't the woody and pricey artichokes typically on supermarket shelves—they were tender and thistly baby artichokes that grew in gardens all over town and on farms throughout the countryside. We enjoyed them in everything from pastas and frittatas to cold antipasti.

We bought armfuls and when we had finally had enough, we prepared them in a manner very similar to this recipe for Baby Artichokes, Sicilian Style, adapted from The Southern Italian Table by Arthur Schwartz. This way, even after spring turned into summer we were still able to enjoy these tender little artichokes.

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