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Sunday Brunch: Crumb Cake

I usually scoff at butterphobia, but man, this crumb cake is kind of shocking. It’s marvelous, to be sure, but you need to bake it for a crowd—or run the risk of realizing on day two that your casual nibbling has taken you through an entire stick of butter.

Although Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook deems this cake “foolproof,” I nearly managed to ruin it: I let the butter for the topping get too warm before cutting it into the dry ingredients, so my crumbs were more like a dense, uniform blanket. It still tasted fantastic (if a bit salty—I would reduce the recommended 1 1/2 teaspoons salt by about half), but be sure to mix up the topping before the butter gets too soft, especially if your kitchen is still summer-hot.

A small square of crumb cake would be a great dessert at a barbecue or picnic, but you could also start the day with a larger slice and a nice piece of fruit.

Classic Crumb Cake

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