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Dinner Tonight: Okra Curry

"Okra needs to be treated with a little love."

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I wasn't quite sure what to think when my wife returned from the farmers' market with a massive bag full of okra. It's not that I don't like okra—I have an instilled love of pickled okra and have tasted some Cajun and Creole meals that use it wisely. It was just a lot of okra, which meant the traditional accessory would have to become the main attraction. Okra in every bite! Using this recipe I found in the Washington Post, I decided to see what an Indian-inspired meal would do.

I realize that some people just don't like okra—that's fine. If cooked improperly, the innards unleash a sticky goo. To avoid this, okra needs to be treated with a little love. When cooked over moderate heat, it becomes tender and succulent. The Indian spices give it a nice kick, and the result is a simple, light dinner. While it's not the best Indian dish I've made recently, it's a tasty meal when paired with some rice. If you're tired of the traditional Southern okra recipe, this might be a decent change.

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