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Cook the Book: Bacon Fat Mayonnaise

When you decide that you are going to write an entire book devoted to bacon, it's pretty much a given that the recipes are going to be good. Ari Weinzweig has filled Zingerman's Guide to Better Bacon with some truly wonderful baconcentric recipes, but this recipe for Bacon Fat Mayonnaise is pure genius.

By whipping up some rendered bacon fat with egg yolks, lemon, some mustard, salt, and pepper, you have made what is essentially a spreadable BLT. Once you have a jar of this stuff in your fridge, the possibilities are endless. Can you imagine the deviled eggs that this stuff would make? Or what about a bacon-tinged chicken salad or even a humble fried egg on a roll? I told you: genius. This recipe also caters to all of the lazy bacon eaters out there who love bacon but are hesitant to dirty a pan every time a craving strikes.

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