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Dinner Tonight: Cashew Chicken Curry with Cilantro Sauce

[Photograph: Nick Kindelsperger]

Though I was excited to find a curry recipe that only required ten ingredients a couple weeks ago, this one—also in 660 Curries by Raghavan Iyer—happens to get by with only eight.

Of course, garam masla isn't exactly a single ingredient. Technically it's a combination of a bunch of different spices, but let's not get off topic here. These eight ingredients combine to make one incredibly flavorful dish and if you're looking for a simple intro recipe into the wide world of Indian cuisine, this may be it.

Even with just a few ingredients, it's a surprisingly developed dish. The garam masla adds complexity and the cayenne brings the kick. And don't forget the whole heap of red onion—half of which is blended at the beginning of the recipe while the other half is sliced thinly and sautéed in a pan. I was a little worried it would overwhelm the dish, but it didn't. The real star is the creamy cashew and cilantro sauce, which adds most of the character to the dish and lovingly coats the sliced chicken in a rich and layered sauce.

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