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Dinner Tonight: Pork Chop with Mole Verde (Pipian de Chuletas de Puerco)

The sauce is the story here. That's what you'll spend the most time and money on with this Aaron Sanchez recipe from his La Comida Del Barrio cookbook. It's essentially a simple tomatillo salsa accentuated with pumpkin seeds and roasted poblano, both of which deepen the flavor making it earthier, spicier, and more addicting. Though the preparation can initially seem excessive, everything is done for a reason. The chiles are lightly blackened, pureed, cooked in a bit of lard, and then, finally, reduced with some chicken stock. Each step intensifies the flavor. The simple sautéed pork chop won't know what hit him.

The only issue I had: the sauce didn't quite thicken as much as I would have liked. Though flavorful, it was a touch watery. The next day I just reduced that sucker even more and the flavor miraculously deepened, and the spice doubled. Just remove the pork chops if you decide to cook the sauce down a bit more at the end. You'll be left with a sauce that's good enough to ladle over just about any meat, including chicken or shrimp.

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