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Cook the Book: Nectarine and Walnut Galettes

[Robyn Lee]

200908242bitesizedesserts.jpgOh, nectarines. Why must our wonderful moments spent together be so fleeting? In a few short weeks, you will once again become another summer memory. But instead of prematurely mourning the passing of this nectarine season, we might as well enjoy the little time we have left.

I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the nectarine (one of my most favorite fruits, in case you couldn't tell), than with this lovely recipe for Nectarine and Walnut Galettes from Carole Bloom's Bite-Size Desserts. A galette is nothing more than a free-form rustic tart. Simply roll out the dough, add the filling and fold in the edges--no need to line a pie pan or perfectly crimp any edges.

This recipe uses a butter-based dough that incorporates finely ground walnuts, lemon zest, and juice for flavor and texture. The galettes are filled in two layers, first with a rich vanilla walnut paste and then with brown sugar-coated nectarine slices. As if that weren't enough, the tart is finished with an apricot-amaretto (or Cognac) glaze. If you don't feel as passionately about nectarines as I do, this recipe will work perfectly with other stone fruits.

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