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Dinner Tonight: Kale Caesar Salad with Anchovies

I'm still not sure how I feel about this "salad." Though the original Ceasar salad didn't actually have anchovies swimming around in it, this recipe from GOOD magazine unleashes more anchovies per square-inch than any other I've seen. As the magazine claims, "the smaller the fish, the better for the environment," so it's all about the little oily creatures. They also pair it with kale instead of the usual lettuce to make it healthier. Well, at least they didn't put chicken on top.

The result isn't much of a Caesar salad at all, and more like grilled kale with anchovies topped with a Caesar-style dressing. That's fine. Kale is heartier and more substantial than lettuce, making it more of a meal especially when paired with some bread.

There are two issues here: it makes way more dressing than you'll need (cut the recipe in half and you'll probably still have too much). And two, the kale-grilling directions are fuzzy. It says to simply grill or sauté the kale until done. I've always braised my kale but realized that technique probably wouldn't work well for a salad. Grilling kale actually isn't that difficult—just cook the leaves in a very hot pan until they're bright green and slightly wilted.

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