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Cook the Book: Jalapeño-Cheddar-Corn Muffins

Since I am a sucker for anything thing cornmeal-related, I naturally had to try the Jalapeño-Cheddar-Corn Muffins in Elizabeth Barone's Easy Gluten-Free Baking. I already had all of the gluten-free baking ingredients on hand and I always have some cornmeal lying around, so why not?

I made a few minor, improvisational changes: I used heavy cream in place of milk (I figured this gluten-free recipe could use some added richness), swapped the cheddar for some English Cotswold that I had bought earlier that day, and used Thai bird chiles instead of jalapeños.

The results? This cornbread was pretty delicious. It's not the sweet, cakey kind of cornbread, but more of a crumbly, corny cornbread. It was pretty much identical to a traditional cornbread recipe that uses a more cornmeal than flour. The chiles and cheese definitely played a big part in the recipe. The crunch of the cornmeal along with the slight tang of the cheese and the considerable heat that the chiles lent made these corn muffins into something that I would be happy to serve anyone.

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