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Dinner Tonight: Frijoles à la Charra

[Nick Kindelsperger]

Some weeks I can do no wrong in the kitchen while other times, I look back and wonder what the hell happened. I had no less than three potential dinners crash and burn this week. They were so bad, I couldn't even stomach them let alone write about them. Feeling beat down and depressed, all I wanted was comfort food, something that could redeem my spirits after so many failed meals.

I'm a real sucker for a humble plate of rice and beans. From gallo pinto to Cuban black beans and rice, the simple combination makes for a surprisingly satisfying dinner. I made a big batch of pinto beans earlier this week and with half the pot left, I came across this recipe from Homesick Texan.

The real find here is the tomato and chili mixture, combining a fresh heat from the jalapenos and a smoky complex background from the chipotles. The bacon adds a hit of pork and the tomatoes tie everything together. I paired the beans with some simple white rice. Everything, once again, felt right with the world.

Frijoles a la Charra

About the author: Nick Kindelsperger is a Chicago-based freelance writer and a co-founder of The Paupered Chef.

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