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Sunday Brunch: Blackberry Cobbler

We've all eaten leftover dessert for breakfast (um, right?), but some mornings only a fresh batch will do. Cobbler may not be standard brunch fare, but it should be. As far as I can tell it's no more decadent than most of the muffins out there, and it's usually much, much more delicious. Although a spoon, a dollop of yogurt, and a mug of coffee are all you really need to enjoy a pan of berries and biscuits before you've changed out of pajamas, for guests you could serve petite portions alongside scrambled eggs and bacon for an unexpected treat.

Blackberry Cobbler

About the author: Robin Bellinger is a freelance editor and shameless cookie addict. She lives in San Francisco and blogs about what she feeds her husband and her daughter at home*economics.

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