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Meat Lite: Buttermilk Bacon Corn Salad Tomatoes

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In August when the summer harvest is near its peak, there is a flood of euphoria and panic all at once as seasonal bounty hunters scramble to make the most of the fleeting feast. If you've joined the Canvolution and still have a bumper crop on your kitchen counter, try stuffing a little bit of summer into some more of summer with these corn salad–stuffed tomatoes. Portly heirlooms make the perfect vessel, but if you've got Romas or plums out the wazoo, they are as effective.

The corn salad can be cooled or stuffed into the tomatoes warm, straight from the saute pan. These are a nice alternative to another green-salad side dish but are filling as a meal with a loaf of crusty bread.

If you're a vegetarian or family or friends are, cook the bacon ahead and stir it into half of the corn, leaving the other half meat-free. The goat cheese–buttermilk dressing stands on its own.

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