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Healthy & Delicious: Avocado and Corn Salsa

"There has to be a certain satisfaction in proving that vegan food is actually quite tasty."

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I'm not a vegan myself, but I applaud those who choose the path of the eggless. It's an admirable lifestyle decision, and I imagine the diet takes creativity, dedication, and more than a few cans of beans.

I also imagine that a vegan's favorite activity is making ardent carnivores appreciate vegan food, and the resulting conversations go something like:

VEGAN: Here, Dad. Try this avocado and corn salsa from Epicurious.

DAD OF VEGAN: What's an Epicurious?

VEGAN: It's...nevermind. Just eat it.

DAD OF VEGAN: OK. (Chomps some salsa.) Why, my sweet hippie child, this is delicious. You have opened new horizons of flavor for my aging, spice-bereft taste buds.

VEGAN: Oh, I know. And guess what?


VEGAN: MUAHAHAHA! It's vegan! No meat! No dairy! No eggs! HA! You liked a VEGAN dish! MUAHAHAHAHA!

DAD OF VEGAN: Wha? Huh? Who? Oh, sweet Bea Arthur. Everything I know is wrong.

VEGAN: I rule! And in celebration, I'm off to buy some leather-free sandals and a Phish CD.

OK, maybe it doesn't happen like that, but there has to be a certain satisfaction in proving that vegan food is actually quite tasty. Case in point: the aforementioned avocado and corn salsa, a delicious Mexican side dish I recently served to 16 ardent carnivores. It went like lightning, and I only wish there was more to take home to Brooklyn.

Should you decide to make it yourself, I suggest using two ears of corn and a liberal dose of lime juice. A firmer avocado will make chopping much easier, as well.

In conclusion, vegans, I salute you. You're a crafty, righteous people. And I like your salsa.

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