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Dinner Tonight: Grilled Lime Garlic Shrimp

I spent the past week with family in North Carolina eating a lot of barbecue and drinking myself silly on sweet tea. I also had access to a real grill, not just the little hubcap-size one that I currently own. This real grill was big enough to cook multiple things at a time, and I spent the better part of the week feeding it mounds of lump charcoal. While most of my family spent their time on the beach reading with their toes in the sand, I spent mine by the grill’s smoky side.

I also had access to some very fresh and cheap shrimp, and it wasn’t long before the two met for dinner. This recipe from O, The Oprah Magazine marinates the shrimp for 30 minutes, and then skewers them, making them easy to cook on a hot grill. I learned my lesson from the last time I used skewers and made sure the wooden sticks had soaked for at least 30 minutes before they went on the grill. Metal skewers would save you more time.

This, obviously, wasn’t the only thing I grilled over the week. But it was certainly one of the tastiest. The acidic marinade managed to work its way through the shrimp. Otherwise it was just fresh shrimp cooked over a flame. Can’t beat it.

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