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Dinner Tonight: Tuna Melt

I usually eat a tuna salad sandwich about once a week as a casual lunch. But for some reason, adding a piece of Swiss cheese to the party and calling it a melt automatically catapults the sandwich into a satisfying dinner. With a side of chips or a cup of soup, it's also pure comfort food. I felt like there was no reason to get complicated with the recipe. For guidance I went straight to Saveur, which offered up this relatively bare-bones version.

It's all about the simplicity of tuna salad and melted Swiss cheese. The addition of celery is fairly common for tuna salad, but the chives and parsley may be a little less so. Neither grabs the attention, just offering a nice fragrant kick to the sandwich. Beyond that, it's all about the cheese. The key, according to Saveur, is to melt the cheese without letting it brown. I found it easiest to keep the broiler door open and peep in on the sandwich as the cheese melts. It only took me 30 seconds. Saveur recommends a piece of toast on top, to make it more of a sandwich, but I'm more of an open-faced tuna melt guy myself. Either way is fine.

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