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Cook the Book: Chunky Potatoes with Golden Raisins

The other night I was looking for a potato curry recipe for dinner. Let me tell you that deciding on one was no easy task with Raghavan Iyer's 660 Curries sitting in front of me. There are pages upon pages of potato curries. I'm not going to give you an exact number but I think that potatoes are responsible for a pretty hefty fraction of the 660 curries listed in the book.

Chunky Potatoes with Golden Raisins was a natural choice, I love a dish that incorporates sweet dried fruits into a savory recipe. And it certainly didn't hurt that I had all of the other ingredients for this recipe in the house. The funny thing about this one is that all of the ingredients would feel at home in a Mexican kitchen and an Indian one.

These potatoes were wonderful. The tomato-cilantro-onion sauce cooked down into a decadent gravy with a consistency so creamy, it was a wonder that no butter or cream was involved. I made a few slight adjustments, adding fresh peas (why not?), and throwing in the raisins during the cooking process so they'd plump up with the cooking juices. I served mine with a few other vegetable curries, some rice, and yogurt but these potatoes were the star of the show. They would be wonderful with some tortillas (or naan if you are going for authenticity) and eggs for breakfast, lunch, or pretty much whenever.

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