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Meat Lite: Chickpea, Chicken, and Tabouli Salad

Editor's note: Philadelphia food writers Joy Manning and Tara Mataraza Desmond drop by each week with Meat Lite, which celebrates meat in moderation. Meat Lite was inspired by their book, Almost Meatless.


Despite my garden idiocy, I have a patio filled with prolific container herbs and veggies. This is both thrilling and panic-inducing, since as a cook, I hate to see things go to waste. Odds are, anyone who has taken the time to grow food feels the urgent nudge from their gardens to come up with good uses for the bounty. This salad answers the call.

Classic tabouli doesn't include chickpeas or chicken, but the addition of both adds protein enough to make a meal. Serve with either lettuce leaves or soft lavash for scooping. If you have vegetarian diners at your table, cook the bulgur in water and offer the poached chicken on the side for meat eaters to stir in if they choose.

Black thumbs are welcome to try their hands at this, too, thanks to summer farmers' markets, gardening friends or the good ol' grocery store.

About the author: Tara Mataraza Desmond writes about, cooks, and eats food for a living. She blogs about food and life through words and pictures at Crumbs On My Keyboard.

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