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Dinner Tonight: Sweet Potato, Eggplant, and Spinach Madras Curry

I was psyched about this recipe from the get-go. I have a growing affection for vegetarian Indian cuisine, and thought the pairing of sweet potato and eggplant couldn't possibly go wrong. This recipe also included a heartwarming little story of a guest bringing this meal over with a few roses for the author, Aum Shanti. I was so locked in that I didn't bother to read the specifics—and when the finished dish emerged, it was a perfectly dry mix of sautéed vegetables. It wasn't repulsive, but nothing was really there to bring it all together.

I'm not terribly knowledgeable about Indian food, but the result was a little disorienting. The mixture was just too dry. I ate most it, checking it off as a minor disappointment. Of course, I didn't read that it was supposed to cool out for 30 minutes before digging in. After the wait, the result is definitely more interesting. The spices get time to hang around, and delicately infuse each bite. This still reminds me more of a great side, then a full fledged meal. But still, give it time, and all will be fine.

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