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Dinner Tonight: Leek and Cheese Pie

I think I set myself up for a failure. What came out of the oven was so at odds with what I imagined it should be that I couldn't help be be disappointed. It was too rich and homogeneous. To me, it felt kind of like eating a big block of cream cheese. After a few forkfuls, I was done.

I picked the recipe because it came from Jim Botsacos’s The New Greek Cuisine. Every other recipe I've tried from him has been right on. And I loved how the recipe looked. The leeks and feta cheese were paired with thick Greek yogurt and freshly chopped dill. This combination couldn't possibly fail.

What I had wanted was something savory and eggy, kind of like a Spanish tortilla. You know, the ones from which you could snatch off a slice or two for dinner, and then set aside the rest for some other time. I apparently don't have the mind of a baker, or at least not yet. As soon as I closed that oven door I realized I was at the mercy of the baking gods—and we don't have a very good working relationship. I'm pretty good at imagining how a recipe will turn out if I cook it in a pan. But I'm useless at baking right now. I should look into that.

That said, my wife loved it and thought it was perfect little side dish for a crisp salad. And that's probably where I went wrong. I probably would have liked this had I just been given a slice.

Leek and Cheese Pie

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