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Dinner Tonight: Kimchi Chahan (Fried Rice)

I make kimchi fried rice all the time, but it's always a haphazard affair. Half a dozen vegetables go in along with a mound of chopped kimchi and a couple eggs. I turn the heat to high and stir quickly. That's my style. It's always good, but I wanted to see what it would be like if a put a little bit more care into the production. What if I didn't go crazy and chuck in every ingredient I could find in the fridge? Luckily, I ran across this recipe for kimchi chahan on the blog Adnilem's Journey. It looked incredibly simple, and also a bit odd.

From what I can tell, Chahan is Japanese-style fried rice. The real peculiarity is that the rice and egg are mixed before they ever hit the pan. I was deeply skeptical of this at first. Nothing derails a fried rice for me more than the egg and rice sticking to each other and clumping up. But the high heat and agressive stirring solves that problem, and it allows each grain of rice to have its own coating.

The result is a nuanced and ultimately more intriguing version of the dish. It also requires fewer ingredients and less time to make. Not a bad deal.

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