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Cook the Book: Beef and Potato Pie

Those who visit Argentina often say that it has a very European feel. This might have something to do with the fact that more than 86 percent of the Argentine population is of European decent. Much like the United States, Argentina considers itself a country of immigrants. Each group who has immigrated has brought something distinct and delicious to the Argentine table. The French consider themselves responsible for much of the viticulture, and some of the best Italian food outside of Italy can be found in Buenos Aires.

This recipe for Beef and Potato Pie from Francis Mallmann's Seven Fires comes from Welsh immigrants, who came to Argentina some time in the nineteenth century. At first glance it looks similar to a shepherd's pie, but as you look closer you'll see it includes some very Argentine ingredients. The addition of pimentón is most likely left over from the Spanish colonization of the fifteenth century.

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