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Cook the Book: How to Cure Your Own Bacon

Bacon, delicious, crisp, fatty, chewy bacon. Aside from a handful of vegetarians, I have never encountered someone who didn't like bacon. It seems like no matter what time of day it is, there's always a way to incorporate bacon into your meal. Frying up some bacon for breakfast is de rigueur, a BLT makes for a classic lunch, and, of course, bacon cupcakes serve as dessert. Cooking with bacon isn't difficult, but what about curing bacon at home?

According to Eugenia Bone, making bacon at home is relatively easy. In her new book, Well-Preserved, she demystifies the curing process. As it turns out, there is very little to making bacon beyond a spice rub, a lengthy rest in the fridge, and a slow roast in the oven. Besides the bragging rights that making bacon at home will afford you, this recipe is free of nasty nitrates that store-bought bacon often has.

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