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Dinner Tonight: Salmon and Pea Tagliatelle

Salmon and cream is a winning combination, which is why it's such a classic to serve the fish with creamy sauces. Recipes calling for salmon with pasta are also quite common if you look around—the fish has an assertive enough flavor that it takes quite well to chunking into a pasta dish without getting lost. Usually cream is its friendly neighbor to add the needed richness. So I was eager to see how this recipe from Delicious. magazine would fare, which replaces cream with yogurt to lighten things up.

Seriously, I'll probably never go back to cream again. While I expected the yogurt in this recipe to be thin and tart, it instead played wonderfully off the already-rich salmon, pretty much disappearing into the dish and complementing just enough so that you hardly notice it's there. I didn't miss the cream at all. Shallots simmered in vegetable stock create a nice base of flavor, and the fresh peas are lovely and fresh and Spring-y. If at all possible, seek out fresh pasta for this since the tender tagliatelle is wonderful in this dish.

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