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Dinner Tonight: Red Flannel Hash

With some leftover corned beef from the Reuben sandwiches, I decided to make a hash. Now, I've made roast beef hash and even regular corned beef hash, but never red flannel hash, which adds some bright beets to the equation. I found this recipe in Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Meat Cookbook and knew it would be delicious.

Like all the other hashes, this meal can be whipped up easily if you have all the leftover ingredients ready to go. And that's where this recipe picks up, ready to go with all these ingredients cooked. If you are like me than you don't have any leftover potatoes or beets. I had to start from scratch. Baking can often take over an hour. So I took a cue from Barbara Kafka and microwaved them. Once cut up the potatoes only need 5 minutes and the whole beets only need 8. You can't beat that. Follow Blake's instructions on his own version of hash.

The only other hard part of the recipes is getting the right kind of brown on the potatoes. The beets kind of hinder the process, because they have so much water in them. But it can be done. Just take your time. If the onions look like they are beginning to go from browned to black, then turn down the heat.

The hash is real tasty with just a sprinkling of parsley. But Hugh recommends some mustard, horseradish, or even some Worcestershire sauce. I took him up on the latter and drizzled a bit on at the end. Good choice.

Red Flannel Hash
Serves 4

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