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Cook the Book: Borscht

I have never been a picky eater. Growing up, I would eat anything; raw oysters, rare steaks, brussels sprouts, lima beans, no problem. Thinking back, there is only one food that I can remember refusing to eat, and that was borscht. There was just something about it that I just couldn't get in to.

As I've gotten older, my eating has only gotten more adventurous and now borscht is one of my favorites. It's versatile, hearty, healthy, and wonderful eaten hot or cold. Lari Robling's version of borscht from Endangered Recipes uses sauerkraut in place of the traditional fresh cabbage. Her borscht is meatless, and makes for a substantial vegetarian entree. You can beef it up with the addition of beef shin or short ribs—just cook it for an extra hour or two.

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