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Dinner Tonight: Mushroom 'Migas'

There are two rather different dishes known as migas—there's a version from Spain, the original, which is made with leftover bread, garlic, and sometimes a little meat such as chorizo or bacon. But there's also the Tex-Mex style which replaces leftover bread with tortillas and includes eggs, making a sort of breakfast scramble. I've made Texas migas already, but finding a Spanish recipe wasn't so easy. People use "migas" rather loosely, with pretty much the only common element being bread (sometimes in crumbs, sometimes in chunks soaked in water, sometimes even calling not for bread but flour).

Eventually I got sidetracked with this recipe from Bitten, which is not really authentic, but it does have bread in it. Butter-sauteed mushrooms give the dish all the meatiness it needs, then chunks of bread are crisped up in more butter and the leftover mushroom juices, bulking out a straightforward sauteed mushroom recipe into a light dinner. A sprinkling of parsley and a splash of lemon juice balance the flavors.

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