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Dinner Tonight: Pad See Ew

I always do this. We had friends over for dinner and instead of making something that I have some experience with, I made something completely new. It was comical, to say the least. The first round of this Thai dish was nearly inedible because I hadn't cooked the noodles properly. They were crunchy and stiff. The second round was better, but the flavor of the sauce was still not right.

A few days later I remade it following a different recipe and liked it a little more. And now, for the third time, I remade pad see ew. Nothing like failure to get me going.

I had numerous problems that necessitated the three versions. My first one used some rather authentic-looking recipes, and nearly all of them called for dark soy. Something I just couldn't find at my local Asian market. I tried. I really did. So I had to move on. And that's when I found this recipe from Appetite for China. Instead of dark soy, it called for mushroom-flavored soy sauce and dark brown sugar. I'm not sure if this is authentic, or whatever. But of all the versions I have tried this is the best.

The only hard part is cooking over high heat. You need to make sure everything is cut and ready to go. Because I didn't have a big wok, I cooked everything separately and combined them at the end. If you don't have mushroom-flavored soy sauce, then regular soy sauce is fine.

Pad See Ew

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