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Dinner Tonight: Beef Miroton

Once again, I was faced with some leftover roast beef. My first reaction will always probably be roast beef hash, but I'd just made that a few weeks ago. Was there any other dish dish that could utilize the roast well? Just warming it up in the microwave tended to dry out the meat. What else could I do?

As I began to search for leftover roast beef recipes, I started hearing about this French dish called beef miroton. Afer looking a little harder, I found this version by James Peterson. I already own his enormous Sauces cookbook, which I don't honestly use as much as I should. But this one called Glorious French Food sounds a lot more approachable.

And after making this, I'm ready to learn a lot more. The original recipe calls for meat from leftover pot-au-feu, but a roast still works. It's basically an onion-based sauce thickened with flour and simmered with beef stock. This is poured over potatoes and the beef slices. The whole thing is baked until browned and bubbling. It comes out of the oven rich and luxurious, a far cry from the leftover meal it started as.

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