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Dinner Tonight: Cauliflower and Sweet Potatoes in Spicy Tomato Sauce with Cashews

I found this recipe in Things Cooks Love, a beautiful cookbook by Marie Simmons. The book is laid out differently than most, and instead of breaking things down by ingredient, it organizes recipes by the equipment you'll need to cook it. It's a really novel idea that I loved at first until I realized this wonderful sounding Indian dish needed something called a karahi, which they describe as a bit like a wok but with "high sides and two opposing high-looped handles." Of course I didn't have it. Luckily a few alternatives are given, and a skillet or a dutch oven will work in a pinch. Good for me.

What initially drew me to this recipe, even though I didn't have the proper equipment, was the use of cumin and mustard seeds. I thought they would provide a great base for this mixture. And I also loved how everything was cooked in the same pot. The cashews are sautéed quickly and then removed, and then everything is added at a specified time. What's left is a highly aromatic mixture with vibrant colors from the sweet potato and peas and a pungent, slightly spicy sauce. I'm sure a karahi would be nice, but don't let that keep you away.

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