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Dinner Tonight: Chorizo and Potato Frittata

Here in Estonia we're finally getting to see episodes of Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home, the show which features him buzzing around his country house making delicious food and chatting about how fantastic everything in his garden tastes, showing off his gorgeous wood oven and superior chopping chops.

The episode on potatoes had him throwing together this utterly stunning-looking riff on a Spanish omelet, prepared more like an Italian frittata so it would puff up and expand in the oven. Spanish chorizo (which is cured and firmer than the Mexican kind) is seared with chunks of par-boiled potato, releasing its smoky red color into the oil, which imbues the whole thing with fantastic flavor.

This is Jamie Oliver cooking at its best—fast, with huge flavors, and just enough of a departure from something authentic to make it new again. The tortilla espanola is traditionally just potatoes and eggs, and it's flipped in a pan, not finished in the the oven. The chorizo is obviously not out of place, being Spanish—just make sure you distribute the chunks evenly throughout the pan, or you're liable to start a fight, like I did.

A simple salad of shallot, parsley, lemon juice, and olive oil balances out the bold flavors. Its tart brightness really makes the dish sing.

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