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Dinner Tonight: Mackerel with Currants

I felt really good about myself after I bought this fish. All kinds of articles told me it was healthful and sustainable and that I was doing the right thing.

It wasn't until I got this prize of a fish home and tossed it on the cutting board that I wondered how I was going to cook it. Though many articles like to talk about the health benefits of this fish, few offered recipes. After searching through my cookbooks and then online, I found that there were frighteningly few mackerel recipes out there. The ones that I did find called for smoked mackerel. What about a fresh one?

I finally found one in The Silver Spoon, which, to its credit, had a whole mackerel section (it's a truly great cookbook).

I settled on this recipe, which pairs the full-flavored fish with currants and white wine. It's really straightforward and lets the fish have most of the spotlight. And that turned out to be a great thing because the mackerel was rich and almost meaty. Tilapia has nothing on this guy.

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