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Dinner Tonight: Bibimbap

I'm not sure whether I love the flavors of bibimbap or just twirling around the ingredients in the big bowl. It's such a thrill, and the results are always delicious. But I figured it was something to be indulged in only at restaurants. I worried I'd miss some crucially important Korean ingredient that would throw the whole dish off.

It was a cartoon that changed my mind. It chronicles each step and makes the whole process seem positive and easygoing. "Apart from the rice and the chili paste, everything is optional." Which may or may not be true but was rather liberating. I easily found the red chili paste at my local Korean market, and so the game was on.

Everything else was up to my fridge. Of the things I tossed in mine, I should have left out the romaine, which just became soggy. And while the bean sprouts were interesting, they weren't completely necessary. All the rest of the ingredients were spot on. When I mixed all the ingredients like a great big salad, the egg yolk erupted and spilled out, coating all the ingredients.

It may look like a lot of ingredients and a lot of steps, but you can cut out what you don't want. And, much like a salad, once all the parts are prepped it's easy to combine everything.

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