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Dinner Tonight: Seared Tuna with Pepper and Soy-Mustard Sauce

It seems like everyone I know is taking fish oil, including my sister, my father-in-law, and even his aging arthritic miniature-dachshund. It apparently works wonders—even for dogs. I've been told many times that I should think about taking them, but with an elegant dish like this one that takes so little time, why not go straight to the source?

In just a handful of ingredients, this recipe (adapted from the Asian Flavors of Jean-Georges) manages to convey a whole range of flavors and textures. The crisp and tart salad is dressed in nothing more than oil and lime juice. The sauce is all assertive force, which balances nicely against the slightly crunchy and fatty tuna. That pepper around the tuna is actually supposed to be Sichuan pepper, which certainly isn't the same thing as regular black pepper. But in a pinch the black pepper worked fine for me.

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