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Dinner Tonight: Minced Chicken in Lettuce Cups

After bumbling through the fridge for a few seconds, I laid eyes on a half-chicken and some Boston lettuce. Though the inspiration was quick, locating a recipe for "chicken lettuce cups" wasn't so easy. Suffice to say, when searching for the recipe the first 50 or so links mention P.F. Chang's within a sentence or two. No big surprises. That's where I, and probably a few million other people, had their first experience with this combo.

Unfortunately, the recipes I found looked suspicious. Most of them used ground chicken, which immediately turned me off. Eventually I wanted to know if this was an actual recipe or just something the chain created to deal with the Atkins diet craze a few years back.

I found my first clue in this Saveur article, which had a "minced chicken in lettuce cups" recipe adapted from a "famous Cantonese recipe for squab." And sure enough, after modifying my search to "quail lettuce cups" I ran across this recipe from Ming Tsai. Combining the two and utilizing the leftovers in my fridge, I created my own version. I'm sure the authentic choice of squab is best, but this chicken version was still delicious.

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