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Dinner Tonight: Korean Burritos

Spurred by the recent coverage of Los Angeles-based food truck Kogi BBQ, which sounds quite like heaven to me, I've been thinking a lot about this Korean-Mexican marriage. And I like it.

I wanted to taste it firsthand, but couldn't find many related recipes. I decided to start from scratch. I knew I wanted pork, so I picked this Korean-style pork recipe which quickly marinates a thinly sliced pork tenderloin. I added kimchi, rice, sliced romaine, and lime-marinated onions.

It's an incredible feast of flavors: slightly spicy from the kimchi, a little sweet from the marinade, and all much lighter than those overloaded gut bombs that some burritos have become. It's still kind of a mess, but then again, aren't all great burritos? Make sure to wrap these up in aluminum foil, Chipotle style, so you can eat with one hand without all the guts falling out.

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