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Grilling: Butterflied Herb Chicken

With the onset of a warm spell, my thoughts had wandered to more summer-like fare, but a resurgence of the blistering cold has me back in total comfort mode.

Roast chicken has been my crutch to get me through this winter, but as an admitted cold-wuss, I wanted to be able to grill a chicken while minimizing my outdoor time. So instead of roasting a chicken on the grill, I opted to butterfly it, spread an herb butter under the skin, and cook it directly over the flames, making the total cooking time for a whole chicken about 25 minutes.

The high heat produced a crispy skin (although slightly charred in parts), while the herb butter kept the bird moist and flavorful, creating a fast alternative to a true roast chicken on the grill that's on par with the real deal.

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