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Goi Buoi (Vietnamese Pomelo Salad)

Eaten plain, pomelo goes well with a dip of chili salt.

Pomelos are the sweeter, peppery ancestor of the grapefruit. Their pulpous juices pop in the mouth as you chew. (Like bursting bubble-wrap, it's all tactile fun.)

Pomelos are harvested November through June and are a symbol of plenty during Lunar New Year. Pomelos flourish in dry, semitropical climates, growing primarily in Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas. Available in a range of sizes--from grapefruit to basketball--it's no wonder they've earned the name Citrus grandis.

Pomelos may be purchased at Asian and Latin markets. As with any citrus, when selecting pomelo, feel for a heavy fruit with a smooth, undimpled rind. (Thicker, coarser rinds yield more pith than fruit.) The skin should have the slightest tinge of rose and bear the musk of grapefruit. In terms of musk, the stronger, the better.


Goi Buoi (pomelo salad), shown here with seared shrimp and Chinese broccoli leaves.

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