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Dinner Tonight: Roast Beef Hash

The glories of roast beef hash don't make a lot of sense until you've got a hunk of cooked roast beef ready to go in the fridge. This is a leftover meal, and yet it manages to change the ingredients into something crisp, aromatic, and indulgent. When topped with an egg it can make a bountiful breakfast—or a very filling dinner. I liked this better than the original roast dinner.

This is adapted from Saveur magazine, which in turn got it from James Beard. It's as good as any place to start.

Though the roast beef gets top billing, the potatoes are just as important. Leftover boiled potatoes would probably work better, but freshly boiled spuds are OK in a pinch. It's just about getting the potatoes as crisp as possible, which is why the recipe keeps the heat at medium-high most of the time. If it looks like things are moving from crunchy to burnt, just reduce the heat. It may take a little while longer, but it's worth it.

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