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Super Bowl Snacks: Slow-Fried Buffalo Wings

From my humble perspective, the only good buffalo wing is a deep-fried buffalo wing. It might not be the healthiest way, but it's the only way I know to get juicy meat and perfectly crisp skin. But what about slowly fried, almost like confit, chicken wings? Could this produce even moister meat and even more crisp skin? Could I--gasp!--reach a certain buffalo wing nirvana?

Wings are usually a thoughtless appetizer, and one I honestly don't eat that often. But I ran across this recipe at Chow for Momofuku's Chicken Wings. In the Manhattan restaurant they're named for, they are actually smoked, but Chow adapted the recipe so the wings are slowly cooked in 200-degree fat for 30 to 40 minutes. They are then removed and broiled for about 5 minutes until their skin is crisp, and are then finally tossed with an Asian-inspired sauce.

I decided to take the concept and ditch the (admittedly delicious sounding) sauce. I wanted an all-American wing worthy of the upcoming Super Bowl. And I have to admit they are delicious. Succulent and rich, instead of dry and tough, these wings deserve attention.

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